Hexagon Dumbbell Set
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14:771#20lb Pair;200007763:201336106
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  • Description

    Elevate your strength training with our Coat Hex Dumbbell Set. Stylish and durable, these hexagonal-shaped dumbbells feature a premium coating for enhanced grip and a touch of sophistication. Perfect for a range of exercises, this set is a must-have for a well-rounded fitness routine.


    1.  Premium Coating: Our Coat Hex Dumbbell Set features a high-quality coating for enhanced grip and durability, ensuring a stylish and comfortable workout experience.
    2. Hexagonal Design: The hexagonal shape prevents rolling and provides stability, allowing for safe and efficient use during various exercises.
    3. Versatile Workouts: Ideal for a wide range of exercises, these dumbbells are perfect for targeting different muscle groups and accommodating various fitness routines.
    4. Durable Construction: Crafted to last, these dumbbells boast a robust construction that can withstand rigorous workouts, making them a reliable choice for long-term fitness goals.
    5. Stylish Fitness Upgrade: Beyond functionality, the Coat Hex Dumbbell Set adds a touch of sophistication to your fitness space, combining style and substance for a well-rounded training experience.
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    Vendor: PowerWorkout
    Weight: 20lb Pair, 25lb Pair, 30lb Pair, 35lb Pair, 40lb Pair, 45lb Pair
    SKU: 14:771#20lb Pair;200007763:201336106