Protein Powder Bottle with Keychain
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  • Description

    Introducing our Protein Powder Bottle with a keychain, designed with the gym community in mind. This compact bottle ensures you never miss a post-workout protein boost, with its convenient built-in funnel and medicine box for easy mixing and storage. Perfect for gym-goers on the move, this portable container keeps you fueled and ready to conquer your fitness goals, whether you're at the gym or on outdoor adventures.


    1. Portable Design: Engineered for mobility, our Protein Powder Bottle with Keychain is tailored for those on the move, catering to both gym enthusiasts and outdoor explorers.

    2. Integrated Funnel: Effortlessly transfer protein powder into the bottle with our ingenious built-in funnel, ensuring a mess-free and convenient mixing experience anytime, anywhere.

    3. Supplement Compartment: Equipped with a dedicated compartment, this bottle offers added versatility, allowing you to conveniently store supplements or vitamins for easy access during your workout or outdoor excursions.

    4. Sturdy Build: Constructed from robust materials, including PP food-grade plastic, this bottle boasts durability and safety, ensuring your protein powder and liquids remain securely stored.

    5. Multi-Purpose Utility: Whether you're hitting the gym, pounding the pavement, or setting off on a wilderness adventure, our Protein Powder Bottle with Keychain serves as the ultimate companion, keeping you replenished and energized throughout your endeavors.

  • Additional information
    Vendor: PowerWorkout
    Type: Black 100ML, White 100ML, NUTREND 100ML, DYMATIZE 100ML, Hadley 100ML, DYMATIZE 200ML, Goku 200ML
    SKU: 14:366#Black